Good balance, unscripted

Every Thought, One App: The Ultimate All-in-One Mobile Journaling Experience. With our innovative Hybrid Journal, easily express yourself in any format you prefer. Voice memos, mood tracking, traditional journal entries, and photos can all be stored in one simple and user-friendly interface. Dive into the future of journaling, and bring your thoughts to life with our sleek design and intuitive features.

Good Balance App

Discover the Power of Positivity with Good Balance - the Ultimate Gratitude Companion. Embrace a brighter outlook on life as you explore the subtle magic of everyday moments and record transformative experiences. This newly-free app enhances your journey with optional premium features, letting you find your balance and appreciate life's beautiful nuances in a whole new way. Start your journey towards true gratitude with Good Balance today

Good balance Journal

The simplest way to end your day is to lay down all burdens and become less stressed as you sleep. Allowing you to be more mindful and focused on the day ahead. The Good Balance journal's guided and structured that will lead you down a path toward becoming a better version of yourself.

About Us

We are women small business based in Baltimore, MD. Unleash the Power of Words with our Simplified Journaling App. Designed to facilitate emotional release and stress relief, our platform uniquely combines the therapeutic benefits of traditional and digital journaling. Experience the ease and freedom of expressing yourself in any way you want, on any device. Embrace the liberation of unfiltered thoughts and complete control over your narrative. Our mission: to make journaling seamless, therapeutic, and tailored entirely up to you.